Thursday, February 7, 2013

The future Mrs.

Today after class i went to lunch at Costa Vida with my lovely old roommate Miss Bailey Simmons (soon to be Mrs. Bailey Davis) to discuss the Bridal Shower i am throwing for her. i am so excited for this girl to be getting married! Bailey and i used to stay up late in our apartment talking about who we thought the other one would marry, and which one of us would get married first. We both always thought that Bailey would be the first one to tie the knot. I always wanted to be older when i got married. (i'll talk more about that in another post.) Little did we know that in our very near future we would both be happily married to the loves of our lives! Tanner is one lucky guy to be marrying such an amazing girl. They are so cute together. i had a blast catching up and talking to her about her wedding plans. She is such a beautiful girl, inside and out, and i can't wait for her to experience the joy of being married. 

Bailey and i at Costa Vida. (sorry for the poor quality i-phone pic!)

i just found out today that a smothered Costa Vida burrito is 1,300 calories!! i was shocked. That is my whole days worth of calories blown on one burrito! Looks like i'm going to have to run 6 miles tonight. Word of advice, next time you go to Costa Vida, get the half size salad.