Friday, March 22, 2013

Have i mentioned that i am obsessed with kids clothes?! It probably all comes from playing with Barbie's as a little girl. I would change their clothes and cut their hair more than i would actually play with them! I have always loved beautifying things. Maybe that is why i chose to be an interior designer. There is something about out with the old and in with the new, something about change that just drives me. My poor little sister always had a first hand experience with my outbursts of change and creativity. She was like my own life-sized Barbie doll that i would cut and style her hair, or pick out her clothes every single day. On days that i didn't pick out her outfit, she was usually the victim of my harsh statement, "Melany, you probably should go change. That's not very cute". That sounds so rude i know, but you get the point. (i love you Melany!)

That all being said; i was at Target yesterday getting some things for Bailey's bachelorette party tonight, and i found myself wandering into the little girls section looking at all of the adorable dresses and flower headbands. It made me so excited to have my own kids one day (this is not an announcement). That is obviously not the only reason that i am excited to have my own kids one day, but it will be fun having little munchkins to dress up. It's not abnormal for me to browse sites such as babyGAP and Janie and Jack to come up with cute outfit ideas, so today i thought i would share some of the little outfits i put together.

Here they are:

Outfit Details:
Janie and JackJ.Crew kids | bowtie: TARGET | NORDSTROM | GAP

Which is your favorite look??