Saturday, December 28, 2013

Our Christmas 

We hope you all had the very Merriest Christmas! Ours was filled with food, family, and the celebration of Christ's birth. We opened pajamas on Christmas Eve, sang songs around the piano, acted out the Nativity, played games, skyped my beautiful missionary sister, went caroling, made gingerbread houses, watched Christmas movies, and ate so much good food that I am feeling like i definitely need to hit the gym. Thank heavens for New Years and that extra motivation to lose weight! {you can see more pictures of our Christmas on my Instagram}. We hope you had the best Christmas ever, just as we did. 


Baby Grant

Here are the pictures I took for Michele and Aaron at the hospital when baby Grant was born. It was the first time i have actually been to the hospital {that i can remember} for a baby's birth. It was truly a miraculous, beautiful experience. I couldn't help but cry while i was taking their pictures. It was such a beautiful thing to see two people in love creating a family. Babies are true miracles, and I am grateful to God for sending such precious miracles to this earth.

Such a beautiful family. Aaron and Michele, thanks so much for letting me apart of this experience! I love you guys!