Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Birthday Boy

This handsome fella is 24 today! I can't believe how fast time has flown by since that first day we met. I love him even more now then I did the day I married him. It's crazy how love works. When you think there is no way you could love someone more, somehow your heart just grows bigger, and your love grows stronger and you realize that you would give your life for that person. I truly feel that way about McKay. I would honestly take a bullet for that crazy, handsome, selfless, silly man. He makes my heart do something funny. Even though we are getting older, in a way I feel like we are getting younger! We are faced with more "grown up" decisions than ever, but somehow our marriage is getting more light-hearted. Our new favorite thing to do usually goes as follows:
1. Mckay picks me up in a baby hold
2. He swings me in the air saying 1...2... and on the count of 3 throws me in the air
3. i land safely on our bouncy bead laughing my head off
4. repeat
I'm thankful for this husband of mine, and that he is mine forever. I look forward to many, many more serious, silly, and adventurous moments in years to come.

Happy Birthday, Love!