Saturday, September 7, 2013


Saturday mornings for me are a perfect time to pull out my favorite breakfast recipes. Today was one of the first mornings that was cool enough to be outside so i decided to pull out one of my favorite crepe recipes and set up brunch on the patio. To me, nothing is lovelier than a cool summer morning surrounded in beautiful scenery, good company, and yummy food. i couldn't help but pick some fresh flowers from our backyard to add to our spread. What i love about this recipe is that it is low cal, low carb, and only 4 ingredients! {doesn't get much better than that.} Did i mention they also taste heavenly?

Crepe Recipe :

1 cup- flour {i use whole wheat}

1.5 cups- almond milk 

1 egg

1/4 teaspoon- salt

mix together with hand mixer, fry in pan & enjoy!

{makes about 16}

i love to top mine off with some freshly whipped-whipped cream, powdered sugar, and berries. other fun toppings to try are:

-peanut butter & bananas
-powdered sugar & syrup
-yogurt & berries
-homemade jam