Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We Made It!

In case you all were wondering what's been going on in the Meyer family household the past while, here's the update; we quit our jobs, and got to spend some time together while we packed our house and completed last minute to do's before the big move. We hit up a few local restaurants, visited McKay's Grandpa and he showed us his awesome collection of vintage cars, went to Bailey and Tanner's wedding festivities in Logan and Idaho, went to a Bee's game, I hosted a Bachelorette party for one of my besties, Ellie Macdonald (soon to be Mrs. Smart), went to McKay's best friend, Riley's ranch, spent time with some of our dear friends and family, and enjoyed the lovely, cool spring weather in Utah before coming to Vegas to soak up the sun. After saying our goodbyes, we loaded up our things and made the big move.

At a Bee's Game with our friends

Grandpa Meyer's TR6

Bailey and Tanner's Wedding

Picnic lunch at the Park with our darling nieces and nephew

A sign I made for Ellie's bachellorette party

Riley's ranch

We have been settled into our upstairs apartment for about a week now, and its been great. McKay is loving his new job, and I am loving hanging out by the pool and spending time with my family. We just started Insanity and we are sorer than ever, but loving the program. I am working on building my Interior Design business and learning photography (if anyone in Las Vegas would like to hire a talented, experienced, amazingly awesome Interior Designer, feel free to shoot me an email!) ;) 

Our temporary apartment

Just an example of some snacks we eat on the Insanity program. Love clean eating. :)


So yes, we made it safely here to Las Vegas. We are missing our friends and family in Utah, but we are keeping in touch and visiting often. Its been a fun little adventure for us so far and I am so excited for our future together here. Thanks for stopping by! We love you all!