Saturday, November 16, 2013

House Hunting

During the month of October, we were experiencing some pretty splendid Fall weather, but at the start of November a heat wave hit the valley and the weather was starting to feel a little more like summer in Utah. Which is lovely, don't get me wrong, but it's just not fall-like. So, after having 80 degree weather the past few weeks, i was overjoyed when the high today was in the 60's and the leaves were noticeably changing.  We had plans to go house hunting and the excitement of that along with the weather made me want to be outside and soak up the day. Before we left to go look at houses, McKay and i went exploring outside and snapped some Fall pictures in our excitement for new beginnings.

{Isn't fall the best?? Something about it just makes my heart happy.}

We haven't decided on a house yet, but i have a feeling that it's just around the corner, and i couldn't be more thrilled.

Life Lately

October was a wonderfully exciting, crazy adventurous month for us {aren't they all??} and that is why there hasn't been much going on around the Meyer family blog but here are some snippets of our life lately...

Took a girls trip to Utah to go see the Josh Groban concert and we were introduced to the loveliest french cafe in downtown Salt Lake.

Holiday decorating began.

We celebrated our anniversary at Tivolli Village.

We had some amazingly fun weeks at Preschool, such as Pirate week, Frog week {where we made froggy pancakes} and Halloween week just to name a few.

Took a vacation to California and went to Six Flags Magic Mountain, where we quickly discovered we are Disney people.

Had our monthly "Seastrand-girl" book club which turned out to be more of a Halloween party than an actual book club
{didn't get many pictures, but we managed to snap this one of me, my Mom, and sisters}

Had a pumkin carving, soup eating, harry potter watching Halloween party at my Sister's house.

Made Caramel Apples for Family home evening with some of our close friends and family
Watched my cousin play some football at my old High School in some perfect Fall weather.

Went to a Halloween Party with my lover boy

And last but not least, My sister left on her mission to Gilbert, AZ. 
{i felt like a little piece of my heart was missing when she left} :(

{isn't she gorgeous??}
I miss you Melzie Bellz!

That pretty much sums up the month of October for the Meyer's! How was your October?