Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Hey Guys! Sorry i haven't given our little blog any attention in awhile. We've been pretty busy lately. Let me fill you in on our week. Wednesday evening McKay surprised me and took me to Pepper Bellys, it's a great little Mexican food eatery that we just love. Thursday, McKay worked and had class, i met him and some of his friends for lunch at Rumbi and then i went on a run to RC Willey to pick up some accessories for a model home i am helping with for Henry Walker, then swung by career day at LDSBC, came home, made dinner, did laundry, and hung out with my hubs/ watched him study the rest of the evening. Friday, McKay had work and school again {as he does every Monday through Friday} while i went out with my mother in-law, Lisa and sister in-law McKenzie to watch our little genius nephew Joseph while his Mom went to a doctor's appointment. I say genius because oh my heavens you would be amazed at this little guy. He is not even two years old yet and he has books memorized, he can read small words, he can tell time, he knows all of the shapes and can even tell the difference between a hexagon, a pentagon, and an octagon. We watched him for a couple of hours and then when his Mom, Melody got home we went out to lunch to Rumbi {can you tell i love that place??}. After lunch we drove home and i did some cleaning and made some cupcakes for a dinner party we were going to that night at my Aunt's house. When McKay got home from work, we drove down to pick up my sister and then drove out to my Aunt Pam's house in Day Break. A few of my cousins and their kids were there and it was so much fun hanging out with them. 
On Saturday i worked all day at David's Bridal. it was a long and good day, but that night i was ready just cuddle up on the couch with my husband. McKay picked up a pizza and a Red Box and we had a relaxing date night at home which was very much appreciated. i just love coming home to this man. On Sunday, we prepared our Primary lesson, went to church, and went to McKay's Grandparent's house for dinner that night where we ate some of his Grandma's amazing apple pie that is always cooked to perfection. On Monday mornings i tutor a first grader and a third grader at an elementary school by my house. After tutoring i headed off to the model home we are working on for Henry Walker Homes for the first big install day. i was pretty much there all day decorating and playing with one of the other designer's new born baby girl. :) That night i made dinner and worked on a school project while i watched the Bachelor. McKay studied for his big test that he took today and then we went to bed. 

Today consisted of school, going to the IRS building, the bank, McKay working and taking his test, grocery shopping, laundry, making dinner, and hanging out with my hubby. It has been quite the busy week, but a good one. Tomorrow is another install day at the model home and i am excited to see it all finished. 

Here are some pictures of our week:

Pepper Bellys

Jo found a stick on our little walk

cupcake batter that i couldn't stop eating before the party

Happy Wednesday!