Sunday, August 10, 2014

Big News

{photography credit: Heather Telford}

We are so excited to announce that we have a new little family member coming to our family in March 2015! 

I cannot express how excited I am about this little peanut coming into our lives. McKay and I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to become parents. It has already made our relationship stronger and better by just knowing that we are creating our own little family together! 

We love you, little one! Can't wait to meet you in March! 

How are you feeling? 
Exhausted. I want to sleep all the time!  I am super emotional and a little nauseous throughout the day, and I can already feel my body changing a ton!  

I am craving mostly fruity things, like smoothies and fruit roll ups. 

Pregnancy moment: 
I am very happy one moment, and the next I am crying over nothing. A couple of weeks ago McKay and I were about to go to bed and I just broke down crying for NO reason at all. I looked at McKay and said, "I don't know why but I am just so mad at you right now!" Haha poor guy he just looked at me and said "I'm sorry". I hope I can get these pregnancy hormones under control soon otherwise we are in for a wild ride! 

Stay tuned for the video of our first ultrasound! 


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